A must see for motor bike campers! Goldwin Motorcycle launches a new line for the outdoors.

4 years ago

“GOLDWIN MOTORCYCLE” has been popular with many riders since it was released as a motorcycle wear brand of GOLDWIN, founded in 1983. They have continued to release high-quality wear and gear with their own unique development and design principles.

GWM, which has been driving Japan’s motorcycle culture for 36 years, will launch a new line not only aimed at the motorcycle wear market but also outdoors, from spring 2020.

The new line, named “gwmaverick”, is a collection that applies the know-how that has been accumulated through years of experience in delivering rider’s safety, mobility, comfort and ease of wear into fashion.

Although at first glance it doesn’t look like the collection of a brand with a background in riding culture, this is a lineup that fully incorporates the ideas and technology of GWM.

In addition to items familiar to GWM such as rider’s jackets and gloves, the lineup also holds to current fashion trends such as oversized anorak hoodies and banded collar shirts.

But don’t worry that they are just turning your favorite bikewear into fashion. There are plenty of features essential for riding, such as hidden pockets, ventilation, and action pleats.

This new line from GWM, can be viewed and purchased directly at the pop-up store held at “Daikanyama T-SITE GARDEN GALLERY” from the end of February. If you are interested, please pay a visit.

Date:2020/2/29 (Saturday)〜3/15 (Sunday
Address:Daikanyama T-SITE GARDEN GALLERY(Tokyo, Shibuya, Sarugachou 16-15)

■Goldwin customer service   https://www.goldwin.co.jp/motorcycle/gwmaverick/