CCP’s functional shirt with the high neck that can become a mask is great for Spring!

3 years ago

CCP are a brand known for making clothes that mix sports such as cycling and trail running with other cultures like the outdoors and music, but they are also attuned to cultural issues.


This over-shirt was developed urgently to help alleviate the current shortage of face masks. The material used is a Solotex mélange 4 way stretch fabric that excels in its stretch ability so that it is easy to stay active while wearing it.

Gauze, non-woven fabric, activated carbon filters etc. can be freely inserted into the stand collar. Additionally by adjusting the stand collar with a drawcord and shutting it tight you can keep out pollen and house dust for those with allergies. As pharmacies are fast running out of stock of surgical masks this alleviates a huge current social problem.

In addition to the mask like functionality, a simple and timeless design means that this shirt can be used daily.

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