Meanswhile’s all in one jacket doubles as a high volume vest!

5 years ago

Meanswhile are a brand renowned in the fashion scene for their dynamic functionality and unique design aesthetic. As part of their new season collection this jacket will be released in two versions using two different fabrics.

Vacant Land Add JKT ¥54000

The detachable cotton jacket utilizes a urethane coating to improve water, oil and damage resistance. A washing process is also applied which emphasizes the softness of the fabric.

Bedford Add JKT ¥54000

On the other hand, the Bedford Cross fabric detachable jacket emphasizes stretchability. Often used in military and horse riding technical apparel, the Bedford Cross fabric retains all of its strength while providing excellent comfort.


Regardless of which fabric, both feature the same short length jacket and vest combination design.

If the vest is worn on the inside it’s designed to be able to remove the outer jacket only and attached it to the strap of the vest. This innovative approach to design is indicative of the brand, seamlessly blending style and functionality.

Whether as a jacket for early spring or a summer vest, this multi faceted jacket is great for everyday wear.