The new F/CE shirt has a refreshing switching design and other gimmicks to keep things interesting!

3 years ago

F/CE are celebrating their 10th anniversary with the new spring collection this year. This seasons most popular item is the switching shirt which is inspired by the British national sport of football. The theme for the entire collection is inspired by British culture.


This rib shirt has enough charm to be part of your wardrobe rotation throughout spring and summer and is created in the image of a football teams tracksuit and was commonly worn by football hooligans. The arms and the body are quite spacious and loose fitting so the silhouette is very on trend while having the added benefit of being easy to move in while wearing.

The shirt has lot of excellent functionality to help keep the body cool such as ventilation in the switched part of the fabric and combining contact cooling materials with a sheer soccer fabric. This fashionable take on an old soccer hooligan classic is not meant for the terraces but it’s light and breathable and would make a great addition to any Spring wardrobe.

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