The latest bags from 6 different brands that will be highlights of urban outdoor style this spring.

3 years ago

The backpack is an essential item as part of urban outdoor style. Here we will check out the latest fashionable and functional models from the hottest brands that are coming this spring season.

So here is our rundown of the 6 hottest bags from 6 of the most popular brands for this spring season.



 The popular Urban Assault series includes a new 24L model.

The Urban Assault 24 in shadow color is a perfect match for spring outfits with a vivid and light outerwear.

Backpack “Urban Assault 24” ¥25300, Wild Things Blouson ¥19800, Brass Band Pants ¥27280

Mystery Ranch was launched in 2000 by a master of the outdoor world Dana Gleeson. 

The iconic ‘three zip access’ adopted by this line of three day assault bags is also part of the Urban Assault 24 which adds unique functionality and charm to the basic design which makes this a great daily use bag.

The 24L Urban Assault is larger than the standard 18L and 21L. The extra capacity makes it more versatile for outdoor use. This is the black model. Price: ¥25300


Functional details that are aimed at urban lifestyles.

It is equipped with a PC sleeve on the back which is separate from the main compartment. Easy and smooth access is great for the casual business scene.

Various storage compartments are part of the main body. Providing a mesh pocket also on the back side boosts its versatility.

There is also a convenient pocket located on the side.

■A&F tel:03-3209-7575



2 Types of novel textiles breathe new life into a classic model.

The universal masterpiece ‘Daypack’ looks new and fresh with the indigo patchwork finish. Gregory backpack “Daypack” ¥22000, Coat ¥35200, T-Shirt ¥9900

Gregory are a long established bag brand that continues to evolve while boasting a history of more than 40 years.

This spring, two new types of textiles, ‘Indigo Patchwork’ and ‘Tree Bark Camo’ have been adopted into various models including the classic Daypack

Because it is a standard backpack the new patterns add a playful aesthetic.

Just as the motif is denim patchwork, the exclusive logo label also looks like the leather patch on a pair of jeans. It is made from Tyvek fabric.


Popular classic bag lineup is freshened up for spring with new nodel colors and patterns.

Tree Bark Camp pattern Daypack with the motif of sycamore bark. A clean design with a nature inspired appearance. ¥22000

The classic teardrop model, ‘Easy Day’ also uses the indigo patchwork pattern. The 20L size is slightly more compact than the standard Daypack so its recommended for women. ¥13200

The Flash Day is a hybrid design that fuses a tote bag and day pack while adopting the tree bark camo print and works well with military and work styles. ¥12100

■GREGORY / SAMSONITE JAPAN tel:0800-12-36910



Setting a new standard for urban outdoor bags by smartly incorporating functionality.

The minimalistic look without unnecessary adornment accentuates the technical texture of the Ripstop Cordura material.

Backpack “Fuse backpack 25 JV” ¥23100, Wild Things Coat ¥28600, Chari and Co. Parka ¥19800

Ogio is a long established brands born in the United States in 1987.

After rebranding in 2019, their lifestyle line will be further expanded and extra attention will be paid to bags that incorporate functional materials in a stylish way. 

The Fuse series, which has exceptional storage capacity and gimmicks is finished in a smart look and is likely to become a shining gem in the urban outdoor scene.

The Fuse backpack 25JV with a lightweight and water-resistant ripstop cordura fabric. Boasts outstanding storage capacity with a large opening panel loader specification. ¥23100


Various pocket setups for smart use in any situation.

The top pocket is ideal for storing small items.

It comes equipped with a shoe pocket on the bottom so you can enjoy activities where you need to carry sandals or running shoes.

The PC laptop pocket is located on the back of the main compartment so it is easy to access. Because it has a still water zip, it is safe to use even in rainy weather.

■OGIO customer service tel:0120-300-147



A tough bag for an active lifestyle inspired by UK postman bags.

The ML series is very durable due to the 160D thickness thread fibers. A skateboard can also be affixed to the front strap.

Michael Linnel backpack “2 flap backpack” ¥12100, Nanga Top ¥42900, Hello Commodity knitcap ¥3960.

Michael Linnell is a long established brand that handles messenger bags for the UK Royal Mail.

The company has already released a number of solid and robust models that focus on high spec materials and utilizes and this season offers products that help to support an active lifestyle.

In addition to the familiar reflector logo that promotes high visibility, there is a also an impactful large logo model.

The 2 flap backpack has a separate PC sleeve on the back so you can carry your important gadgets with you safely.


Big logo and reflector. 3 different urban bags with different logo styles.

This is the square model of the MLBL series using 900D fine polyester fabric. The big logo is arranged vertically to provide an accent. There is also a one-tone model with the same color logo. ¥ 10780

A waist bag that can accommodate a 500mL plastic bottle. Attractive, tough texture using 1680D polyester. The familiar reflector logo shines on a compact body. ¥ 5720

MLBL series wallet shoulder ideal for pouches. The big logo, which is visible from the back of the mesh pocket on the front, is highly visible because of the reflector processing. ¥ 4950

■T.N.Nomura tel:03-5791-2617



A new concept bag that allows you to travel seamlessly in nature and in the city.

Although it is a 35L large-capacity model that seems to be too much for everyday use, it is finished in a sophisticated design, so the back silhouette has a sleek image.
Backpack “EXP35” ¥ 23100, Coat ¥ 36300 / Millet knit cap ¥ 4290 / Hello Commodity

As a long-established outdoor brand originating in France, “Millet” delivers a unique, functional and stylish line of products.

From full-fledged mountain bags to daily use models, this season’s hot topic is the new concept “EXP35,” which is designed to travel seamlessly between nature and the city.

While being filled to the brim with functional gimmicks, the urban design fits the city look perfectly.

The EXP35, 35L size packed with practical functions such as deployable mesh pocket on the side and shoe pocket on the bottom. We predict this will become a new classic for Millet. ¥ 23100


Excellent storage capacity that can be used anywhere.

The shoulder part is equipped with a pocket that can store essential items such as smartphones and key chains.

Both sides have large compartments that can hold 2L plastic bottles.

Because the front panel can be fully opened, only the necessary luggage can be removed. The coloring of the inner part is also eye catching.

■Millet mountain group japan tel:03-6417-0492



A new type square model with two a face design makes its debut.

For the 2 Face Day Pack, a multi-color model is available with a playful color scheme.
Backpack “2 Face Day Pack” ¥ 7480 / Outdoor Products Coat ¥ 40700 / Avon Taj Knit Cap ¥ 3960 / Hello Commodity

Outdoor Products, a long-established brand known as a pioneer in daypacks, are releasing a new type of square daypack this spring. 

Although the silhouette itself is basic, it has a novel gimmick in that it can be arranged in two different face designs. This means you can use it based upon your mood and type of day for excellent versatility.

When the flap of the above model is lowered, the mesh pocket is hidden and the gray pocket and webbing cord are exposed.


A must-see design due to the revolutionary flap structure that changes the look!

2 face daypack which becomes simple all black when flap is lowered. On weekdays it is black and on holidays it is sometimes purple & pink. ¥ 7480

In order to change the front, you only need to raise and lower the front flap. When the flap clip is changed from top to bottom, the upper half of the front has a webbing cord and the lower half has a pocket.

 ■KITAMUR Trade service tel:03-6214-0104


Photo/Riki Yamada(Image),Shouta Kikuchi (Item)

Styling/Tomoyuki Sasaki Text/Masatsugu Kuwabara