Instantly transform into a pack! An unprecedented convertible jacket from Alk Phenix.

3 years ago

An unprecedented convertible selection of bags and jackets has appeared from “Alk Phenix,” a technical apparel brand from Japan that proposes a new style of gadget wear from a unique perspective.

This must-see item is a sakosh style shoulder bag adopting an original shape buckle with a sliding lock that changes smoothly into an anorak jacket with high functionality that works great outdoors in the field!

tab bag parka ¥42900

The soft textured material combines excellent water repellency and static electricity suppression. Functional details such as a large capacity zip pocket under the front body flap, a laser punching ventilation hole under the armpit, and an earphone pocket are also key features.

You can close the zip at the bottom of the hem and pack the whole thing inside the side zip of the front body. It also has a gear loop and sub-pocket, so you can store everyday items such as wallets and smartphones.

The Alk Phenix “Bag Parka” features a novel convertible structure that surprisingly realizes unique two-role functionality. It is guaranteed that it will be a very useful item for both daily use, as well as festivals and camping trips.

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