The best so far in insect repellent wear! Stylish Meanswhile mosquito net smock with a high fashion image.

3 years ago

Innovative insect repellent wear that is stylish and comfortable to wear.

Insect repellent wear has evolved significantly thanks to new materials and high-tech processing. There are many models with excellent visuals, and it has become a bit of a boom in the outdoor scene over recent years. A new net smock has emerged from Meanswhile, which is based on the concept of a tool closest to the body.

Rip Stop Mesh Pullover     ¥19800

The material is ripstop nylon woven with high density. Although it is extremely thin and lightweight, it has sufficient strength and can be worn in the field without any worries. A draw string around the neck allows for easy adjustments and it’s easy to put on and take off without allowing insects to enter.

Rip Stop Mesh “Bugs Off” Hoodie     ¥16500

Attaching the separately sold hood will further improve insect control. You can also hang the retractable shade to cover the entire face. In addition, because the mod coat is a motif design, it doesn’t feel too serious and maintains a playful atmosphere.

It is see-through because of ultra-light nylon which adds to the high fashion aesthetic.

The pullover has been updated to make classic insect repellent means more secure with advanced materials while still being comfortable to wear. It is safe because it does not rely on insecticides, and looks easy-to-style based on the latest fashion trend and could easily be a part of a high fashion look for city life.