Go Out Gentleman’s style research special.

4 years ago

What should you wear to be a Go Out gentleman?

Even GO OUT dads who usually wear shells and fleece stylishly have events that require jackets and ties, such as wedding ceremonies and dinner parties. That being said, full on suit styles aren’t really for us….

We want to learn about cool styling that even GO OUT dads can understand! So, at the shop “Beams Plus Harajuku”, which has a reputation for various classy styles, we propose we took a look at a number of different styling options.

Mr. Mikuni Kusunose (Beams Plus Harajuku staff) Beams Plus is updating the official blog. He enjoys camping and longboard surfing in his private life. “I will be enjoying a family camp this spring after a long absence.”

Veteran staff member Mikuni Kusunose is in charge of the styling. For me personally I also struggle as an outdoor dad on special occasions, so the styling advice is timely.

“Because I have a 2 young children I often attend parents’ meetings, and therefore I have more opportunities to wear formal clothes that are not too business like. Based on such experience, today I am going to offer some advice to the Go Out dads out there. ”


Styling that adds an active impression through texture.

So, Kusunose-san selected his recommended style co-ordinations. This is the main coordination which consists of a travel jacket and travel pants setup that offers a clean, formal style that leaves a dignified impression.

“Overall, I was conscious of giving the impression of a slightly active texture. First of all, the setup is made of a cotton-like functional material. Therefore, even if I take off my jacket and put it in my bag, it doesn’t crease. The fabric is also stretchable which makes it comfortable even if you are holding your child.

Focusing on the setup, I tried to style it casually with a chambray shirt and knit tie. Even though it’s casual the base concept is formal so leather shoes are a rule of thumb. ”

Travel Jacket ¥ 33000, Travel Pants ¥ 17600, Shirt ¥ 13750, Knit Tie ¥ 9900 / all All Beams Plus ■ Shoes ¥ 123200 / Alden x Beams Plus (all above Beams Plus Harajuku) ■ Watch / Hamilton x Elle Bean

At first glance it might seem basic, but in fact it is full of small details for outdoor dads. Let’s break down some of the key points!


POINT①: The combination of BD shirt and knit tie creates casualness.

Usually, Oxford shirts or broad shirts are the gold standard for formal wear, but for GO OUT dads we recommend a button-down shirt with a moderately casual impression.

“Button-down shirts represent American traditional style, but you can achieve a more sophisticated impression by matching them with knit ties. The key point is to make the color of the knit tie solid and with a sense of unity to the shirt”.

Left: Denim shirt ¥ 13750, Knit tie ¥ 9900 / Beams plus both Right: Oxford shirt ¥ 11000, Knit tie ¥ 9900 / Beams plus (all Beams plus Harajuku)

Here is another recommended shirt and tie combination. In both cases, the rugged texture creates a casual atmosphere.

“The color scheme of the shirt should be blue if you want to be aware of the seasonal feeling of school entrance ceremonies. Since it has a spring themed color and any dirt from your kids is less noticeable, I think it would be useful to add one to your collection.”


POINT②: Appeal to outside lovers with a simple outdoor watch.

A wristwatch can casually add playfulness even in a formal style. But the multifunctional outdoors style watch that I use every day is too sporty. So Kusunose selects a moderately casual military watch for me.

“I love military watches from the 80’s. It’s a basic Hamilton khaki model, and I like the non flashy image. The face is so compact that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable to wear under a jacket and doesn’t interfere with the styling.”

Left / Timex x Nigel Kaybon’s referee watch 31900 / center, right / Beams Plus military watch 31680 each (Beams Plus Harajuku)

Beams Plus also offers casual watches that match formal styles. Of course, you can use it everyday.

“I chose a model based on sports and military that can also be used for formal wear. The price is more affordable than Rolex (laugh)”.


POINT③: The best leather shoes are Alden, the gold standard of American traditional.

Because we are blending shirts and ties casually, we want to choose orthodox leather shoes. Kusunose recommends Classic American brand Alden, witht their plain toe shoes as an easy-to-fit pair that are not overly dressy or formal. 

“This setup suits Stan Smith sneakers, but this time I want to wear basic leather shoes because it’s a formal dress code. Because I’m wearing a BD shirt and it has a sense of American classic to it, I think Alden is a good match. This is a bespoke crepe sole specification so they are easy to walk in.”

From left: Plain toe 123200, Loafer 92400 / Alden x BEAMS PLUS (BEAMS PLUS Harajuku)

American heritage brand, Alden, has many universal leather shoes that support a wide range of styles. Watch out for the bespoke Plus model.

“Plain toes are also good with burgundy cordovan models. Of course, classic loafers are also a great match. This type of shoe is not only formal wear, but also fits casual outfits such as denim and chinos, so it is very versatile.”


For those who want a little more of a casual style …

Midfield Blazer 63800 / Engineered Garments x Beams Plus Oxford BD shirt 11000, Chino Trousers 16500 / Beams Plus @ Shoes 92400 / Alden x Beams Plus (all Beams Plus Harajuku)

There are places where a smart casual style is fine, not even needing a neck tie. So, if you want to be a little more casual, I recommend this style.

“This jacket is textured with metallic buttons, so it’s pretty casual. The shirt is white-collar and basic. I chose khaki for the pants, but olive green is also suitable. I think this smart casual style is still appropriate for most children’s school events. ”


Keep your styling in line with TPO, taking into account the balance between dressy and playful.

BEAMS PLUS Harajuku’s style of dressing is most attractive because it incorporates functional materials and casual items while maintaining a clean, smart appearance. I naturally want to add more of an active aesthetic but it seems that moderation is the key.

“While dressing for the occasion is fundamental, smartness is important at graduation and entrance ceremonies. I think it’s better to keep casualness to a minimum.”

Photo/Shouta Kikuchi