Grn Outdoor’s large storage “hand-free vest” is now remodeled as a fishing specification bespoke to the Airy Fishing Club !!

4 years ago

grn outdoor’s “TEBURA VEST21” is gaining in popularity as a masterpiece of full body design. As the name suggests, it is a bespoke vest with 21 pockets and can be operated empty-handed and will be exclusive to IRIE FISHING CLUB, launched in 2013 by a fellow fishing enthusiast.

The result is a unique blend of outdoor and fishing elements.

Hands Free vest that negates the need of a bag and is packed with small details for fishing.


In addition to changing the zip collar of the chest pocket, the right strap has a U-can that can be fitted with a fishing clip. The back pocket with flap is designed to hold a tackle case.

Tools other than rods and coolers can be stored in the vest making this design the complete fishing experience.

The Airy Fishing Club logo is arranged on the back pocket.

A 60/40 jungle cross fabric is used for the body. It has moderate water repellency, and the more you use it, the more the texture and aging increases.

Any outdoor place fishing place such as mountain streams, lakes, and the sea can be tackled empty-handed with this vest. This limited collaboration would be a great addition for your next fishing trip!

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