Bach Garment’s spring collection is full of new items that fascinate with light materials and color variations.

3 years ago

Bash is a long-established outdoor brand founded in Ireland in 1979 and now based in Switzerland.

The new lineup for this season has appeared as part of the line “BACH GARMENTS”, which was established in 2017, by applying the packing technology cultivated over more than 40 years to travel-wear.

A hoody jacket that is easy to use with a unified look that is the same color as the body up to the zip. TRACER Jacket NT ¥ 27500

The full lineup includes a full zip jacket introduced here, a brand logo cap, light shorts, and an anorak.

A sporty jet cap with a streamlined form, which fits snugly onto your head. CHRISSE Cap NT ¥ 8800 each

All items are made of spring-like nylon taffeta material, which gives a crisp texture and a dry touch with good breathability, and a spring-like colorful appearance.

Easy shorts with a large pocket on both sides and a sub-pocket in the middle of the right leg. ROC Shorts NT ¥ 16500 each

Each is available in three colors (anorak is three colors). This rich color variation is fresh and new for the Bach Garments line, which had been only adopted chic color development until now. Look out for the new collection, which has a light appearance that encapsulates the active style of spring in both the city and the outdoors.

Photo/Shouta Kikuchi
Text/Satoshi Yamamoto

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