Colombia’s classic outdoor wear is given a military makeover. Check out this bespoke collection with Beams.

3 years ago

From Japanese retail juggernaut “Beams”, who seamlessly connect outdoor-derived functional wear and youth fashion, a new collaboration arrives for the go-out generation. The partner for this new bespoke model is “Columbia”, a timeless brand in the outdoor scene from the United States.

This limited lineup has roots in fishing and hunting, retains the details that are synonymous with the brand. As well as adding seasonal colors with a military essence. This collection is perfect for outings in the city our for trekking the mountains!

Exclusive Challenger Windbreaker Jacket  ¥19800、 Riptide Short  ¥10890

This is based on the classic Challenger Windbreaker, with updated features and new appearance, with accompanying ripcord-tied shorts. The military colors and fishing-wear-like details with mesh pockets are also a point of interest.

Exclusive Roatan Drifter II Bucket  ¥5830、Shredder Cap  ¥4730

This simply designed bucket hat is finished with the same color logo and cap with side panels in a mesh material. As with the above setup, it features ATY yarn and a cotton-like finish while still being nylon.

Exclusive Columbia Popo Pack  ¥6490、 Basic Logo T  ¥4950

The lineup also includes a basic black T-shirt with a coyote color name print and a waist bag with a large mesh pocket on the front.

This collaborative collection with BEAMS, adds an on trend military accent to classic Columbia masterpieces. The carefully designed details such as the loose silhouettes and cotton-like natural texture make this a great option for everyday casual wear.

Photo/Shouta Kikuchi Text/Satoshi Yamamoto

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