Mighty-Mac collaborates with two popular brands. Fishing-based clothing and bags packed with functions that are invaluable for everyday use.

3 years ago


Since its founding in 1908, “MIGHTY-MAC”, has been at the forefront of marine and sailing wear, so this new collaboration is very exciting!

Don’t miss the deck hoodie with the fishing apparel brand “SNIPEER” and the bag collection using some vintage style materials with “PORTER”!


The limited edition Snipeer collaboration is a zip hoodie with street looks.


This deck hoodie from Mighty-Mac that has a harness attached to the front with bag-like pockets.

The material used is Ox nylon, which is highly water repellent and stain resistant. Of course, being a Snipeer collaboration, it can be used for fishing, but it’s a nylon hoodie that also looks great on the street. At first glance, it looks like an anorak, but the gimmick of it being a full zip hoodie makes it unique.


The Porter collaboration features bags of differing materials.


The highly visible PVC square pouch seems to be useful as a bag-in-bag that can be used daily for carrying gadgets and notebooks.


You can hang an outerwear etc. on the metal hook set on the bottom. This is a useful function when you want to take off your outer when it gets hot during outdoor activities. Might-Mac are well known for their hands free, convenient design innovations and this bag certainly bears the hallmark of this.

The large main compartment holds plenty of small items which is convenient for walking around the city!


The hanging case with a T-Bar, which is an iconic symbol of Mighty-Mac, is a perfect size for storing cigarettes and keys. With a carabiner, you can hang it from a belt or another bag.

This collaboration collection combines high performance with fabrics and specifications that function well in outdoor and urban environments.

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