The second popular collaboration from Snow Peak urban fishing, a vest for professionals!

3 years ago

Mr. Masakazu Fukuyama, director of MofM (Man of Moods) launched TONEDTOUT, a cutting-edge fishing brand launched in 2019 based in Minakami, Gunma prefecture. He proposes a sophisticated outdoor style, and this is the second collaboration with the popular Snow Peak from Niigata, Japan.


Inspired by a professional angler.

Mr. Masakazu Fukuyama, the creative director of MofM and the founder of TONED TOUT, also competes as a mountain stream professional angler. 

Similar to the previous collaborations this project is based on the products of Snow Peak, with additional designs and functions useful for mountain stream fishing well known to TONEOUT. From outerwear to T-shirts and mugs, they are releasing a wide array of items but the vest in particular should be paid close attention to.

* The image may differ slightly from the actual product.

Field Fishing Vest    ¥41800

The Field Fishing Vest is an updated version of the classic snow peak vest that has been processed with paraffin and has an excellent good texture. The addition of the sheepskin and pockets that are more suitable for fly fishing does not interfere with the balance of the classic mode.

All Round Fishing Vest    ¥52800

The key item for the trout fishing scene is the All Round Fishing Vest, made from tough cordura nylon. The multiple pockets not only provide excellent storage capacity as well as being easy to use. 

This vest incorporates the ideas of Mr. Fukuyama, who is also a professional angler, to create a real gem that is functional and easy to match with most wardrobes. The design is excellent, so even if you are not a fisherman, this vest still has a lot of appeal. The collaboration will be released sequentially from April 17th (Friday). We all eagerly wait for its release.

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