Bandanas with a bold pattern. Freaks Store new bespoke bandana that makes complements the spring and summer seasons.

3 years ago

“HAV-A-HANK” is a well-established bandana label that was founded in 1974 by the American company Carolina. While many brands have manufacturing bases overseas, it is one of the few brands that continues to be made in the USA even today.

This special collection with “FREAK’S STORE” is bespoke to the brand, which features various items such as sacoches and carabiners, brought to life in true Hav-A-Hank style.

Bandana T  ¥4350

This is a high impact t shirt with a simple white body and a bold bandana sewn on. This unique three-dimensional effect can’t be created by printing and creates enough of a centerpiece to style this t shirt without any other additions.

The size run is S / M / L, but the original body used is XL, 2XL, and 3XL sizes, so it has an oversized silhouette with a strong presence. When it gets a little warmer, you can repeat wearing and washing to bring out unique aging of the fabric!

Bandana KINCHAKU Bag ¥3630

This drawstring bag, which is hooked with a carabiner and a strap, is the perfect size for a small outing or an active bag for camping and festivals. It’s also a good idea to style it with the Bandana T or incorporate it as a simple outfit item.

Shopping Bag  ¥3200

As the name suggests, the shop bag, which is slightly larger than the purse bag, is not only a shopping bag, but it can also be stored in a normal backpack for daily use so that it will not be a problem even if the number of bags increases.

Athletic Sandals ¥5450

These sports sandals with the tape part switched to the bandana pattern give a great summer vibe and can be matched well with socks and shorts. They are just as home in the outdoors as well as in the city.

Although bandanas are produced in various countries, of course, all of the items ordered by the Freaks store were produced in the USA. Paying attention to small details in items like this will definitely brighten your day!

All of the items featured here are great for everyday use!