Quick dry, stretchable, packable. Teatora’s high-performance relaxing wear that is great for travel.

4 years ago

A new series, “Packable Horizon”has been debuted by TEÄTORA, which creates many functional products that aim to improve the performance of desk workers and creators. This is a new update on some of their classic items and is aimed at the summer resort season.


Wrinkle resistant and easy to dry. Packed with features you want for your next trip.

ROOMKEY JKT PH     ¥66000

The Packable Horizon uses S-5, a uniquely developed material that excels in quick drying and stretchability. It is hard to wrinkle, is light, has high strength, and does not cling to the skin due to the uneven composition. It is a series that can be comfortably worn even in Japan’s humid summer.


Moreover, it can be stored in the built-in packable pocket. It’s wrinkle-proof material so you don’t need to iron it even after removing it from the pack, so you can wear it immediately. This plus the ease of drying and easy care while traveling make it a new travel essential. Due to its high portability, the stress associated with packing is greatly reduced.

Compact if stored in a pocket. As it is difficult to wrinkle, you can wear it immediately after unfolding.

The elegant looks are good for any trip. We would like to recommend it to people who want to go on a trip but find packing a hassle. Of course, it is easy to move and full of functionality, so it is also effective for camping. Because you can carry it around comfortably and it is comfortable to wear, it’s worth checking out.

■TEATORA https://teatora.jp/