High-tech half-jacket from Alk Phenix, with a different set-up style.

4 years ago

From Alk Phenix, who are known for delivering innovative wear that has added functionality to aid city life, have announced a new collection for this season with extra playfulness.

Based on the Hanten, which is a piece of traditional Japanese clothing, the design is equipped with cutting-edge functional materials and added gimmicks that fits match modern lifestlyes.


A modern Hanten that is tough with high-tech materials.

notch hanten ¥31900

This mid length jacket is made stronger with the use of “DYNAMONUS®” fabric, which is woven of aramid fibers that have exceptional durability.

While maintaining the traditional Japanese atmosphere, the sophisticated design is also somehow modern and urban. This jacket is suitable for every day as part of town and city life.

Of course, we also need to pay attention to the functional details. By adopting a button adjuster type ventilation structure on both sides, breathability is secured along with length and silhouette adjustment that allows ease of movement, making it great for active outdoor life too.

In addition, the functional fiber “Thunderon®”, which has high conductivity and corona discharge, is sewn in the lining to prevent the generation of static electricity due to friction.

crank easy pants ¥31900

There is also a lineup of easy pants that can be worn with a short coat as a setup. As with the short coat, the DYNAMONUS® fabric, which is woven of aramid fiber, has been adopted to improve the durability, so it can be used in the city as well as camping and has a spacious silhouette that also makes them comfortable to wear at home.

The idea of combining traditional clothing and cutting-edge materials is truly unique to Alk Phenix. Both of them are urban, but they also have specifications that can be used outdoors, so they are sure to come in handy for camping and other outdoor activities.

■alkphenix https://www.phenix.co.jp/alkphenix/