New additions to the “Coffee Dyeing Series” by Evcon and Ifni Coffee! This season features a full lineup of tie dies.

3 years ago

EVCON is a private label brand from 1LDK, a highly attuned select shop from Nakameguro, Tokyo.

“IFNi ROASTING & Co.” is a coffee roasting, wholesale and sales company based in Shizuoka City. The latest addition to the popular collaboration “Coffee Dyeing Series” by both parties has been released this season.

L/S T-SHIRT ¥8580

This series is based around sustainable coffee dyeing that reuses Ifni coffee beans that have been used up and no longer suitable for making coffee.

Depending on the fabric of the item that is the base, the appearance of the color changes even with the same dye, and because the body is dyed by hand, the end results are all different and unique!

SOCKS ¥2200

The series already has such a rich flavor, but this season, the lineup of tie-dye patterns has been drawing attention since 2019.

There are two colors: the color of the coffee beans alone and the warm color that is mixed with purple dye. Both of them have a calm tone and color scheme, which is different from the so-called flashy image of tie dye pattern, which makes it easier to style and co-ordinate.

CAP ¥7700


The lineup includes long and short sleeve T-shirts, pile socks, eye mask caps, and reversible shoulder bags.

The “COFFEE DYED” series is characterized by the subtle scent of coffee and the texture of the recycled products. It is a very unique project so please check it out. It will be released in early May.