“Large-capacity pants for the hands free lifestyles” by Alk Phenix have re-appeared with added functionality.

3 years ago

Technical brand Alk Phenix from Japan, focus on gear for walking. These bottoms with overwhelming storage capacity released in 2017 have evolved and are returning as a more functional, modern style. They are a must-see for active people who want to spend time in various outdoor locales.


Convenient backpack pockets on both sides.

zak pants(karu stretch) ¥35200

The zak pants, are equipped with large-capacity zak pockets on both sides with a unique shape as its name suggests. It is divided into 6 parts, the side, waist, and thighs, and the main storage is A4 size. It can even hold a few 600ml plastic bottles easily.

Various points have been revised from the old model, such as the original buckle that can be easily put on and taken off, the waist belt that adopted a sliding rocker, and the highly mobile silhouette with a tapered cut. These areas have all been polished to a vibrant sheen to reinvent this modern gem.

The inside of the pocket is divided into multiple sections, allowing you to store large and small items without mixing them up.

It is easy to organize your possessions regardless of size and has the same capacity of a backpack, so it is guaranteed to be useful outdoors and for travel. Of course, there are many useful advantages when used in urban life, such as when gardening and shopping. If you’re curious, don’t forget the release date of April 13th!

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