Japan’s hempware protagonists “GOHEMP” latest 8 items.

3 years ago

As an environmentally friendly material, hemp is now attracting much attention within the fashion industry. GOHEMP is a brand that has been paying attention to that possibility from an early stage and has been utilizing environmentally friendly materials such as hemp and organic cotton for a quarter century.

Here we take a closer look at this pioneer of the ethical clothing scene.

“We would like to spread the possibilities of hemp for essentials like food, clothing and shelter.”

Opportunities to see hemp clothing have increased, but it seems that it took a long time to spread to Japan. GoHemp, a brand that has been launching apparel using sustainable materials in Japan for a long time, is a leading figure in hemp wear.

One corner of their showroom frames and lays out various cultural items related to surfing, mountains and art. For a long time, they have been using clothing to convey the appeal of hemp materials that are friendly to both the global environment and people from various perspectives.

Living legend of the hemp industry Jo Hashimoto, who works at the brand, looks back on its history.

“Shortly before launching the brand, I first encountered an apparel made from hemp in an outdoor shop in San Francisco. Shortly thereafter, I found a generative fabric labeled hemp in a fabric shop in Hong Kong.”

“When I brought back the fabric and told an agent who is still taking care of me to make clothes with this fabric, I was told that in China it is used to wrap up the deceased person’s body (laughs) ). But when I heard that, I was reminded that it was a fabric that doesn’t pick up bad smells, has insect repellent effects, and good breathability. ”

Mr. Hashimoto. Working sustainably for 26 years.

When it comes to the cannabis plant, most Japanese have a negative image, but the hemp used by Gohemp’s is very healthy.

“Hemp has been used as a fiber for a long time, and it is also used in Shinto rituals such as shrines and lanterns, and in the sumo wrestler’s yokozuna rope. As long as we make it, we want to make it as environmentally friendly as possible. ”

“In fact, hemp can be harvested three times a year. It grows well on thin lands and can be fertilized without any fertilizer. It’s organic. Recently, thanks to various apparel brands singing the praises of sustainability, the wonderful possibilities that hemp holds for the fashion scene is being recognized. In the last three years, the description of quality indication tags has also changed from undesignated fibers to plant fibers. ”

Ebisu’s JUZU has a selection of Gohemp and brother brand GoWest, as well as other hemp items. [SHOP DATA] 1-17-1 Ebisu Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo tel: 03-6277-5573 Business hours: 12: 00-20: 00 https://juzustore.jp

Mr. Hashimoto, who has been asked to advize as a specialist in hempware, including receiving orders from select shops in Paris and England, is still not satisfied with the current situation.

“I want to convey the goodness of hemp through clothing, food and living. At the shop that sells GoHemp, JUZU uses a hemp wall, which is an excellent clay wall for moisture control, and it keeps the air comfortable. Hemp smoothie and food are provided. We also run a store called Maru Maru. My goal for the future is to make products using hemp from Japan. ”

GoHemp has denim at its core. That’s because he worked with his brother brand, GOWEST, on replicas of vintage jeans. In the showroom, you can find a variety of jeans with such a go-to waist, a brand that has been newly launched, and Hub Aggressive Day.

In the showroom, hemp-blend and vintage-like denim fabrics are available.


Introducing the latest lineup from GOHEMP.

In addition to our favorite hemp and organic cotton pullovers, shorts, denim, collaboration T with Jackson Matisse, we pick up 8 new items selected from the latest volume of GoHemp!



Short sleeve crew tops from the Hemp Jam series, which offers a total of 7 models including shorts and pants. The appeal of this series is its design and functionality that really suits an outdoor style! ¥ 15180



Hemp jam series shirt. Not only is it unique with its short sleeve coach jacket style design but it also comes in 7 colors, so you can enjoy a wide range of choices. ¥ 16280



Jackson Mathis and GoHemp, who are based on good old American culture, resonate and develop a T-shirt collection with the image of the vintage band TEE. A gem finished in the 90’s style. ¥ 10780



This is also a collaboration with Jackson Matisse. A stylish design with the image of the 80’s tour of the fictional band “THE JACKSON MATISSE”. Of course hemp is mixed in. ¥ 10120



Ankle pants using thick 12oz original hemp cotton denim. It features a big pocket called a vendor pocket that symbolizes GoHemp. ¥ 15180



Similar to the model above, a pair of ankle-cut denim made from a thick 12oz original denim material that has been washed to give it a vintage taste. ¥ 16280



Utility shorts featuring large side patch pockets overlaid on top of regular pockets. The width of the hem is slightly wider so that the silhouette of the whole leg stands out, and the size is such that it does not stick to your thighs. ¥ 12980




Moisture-absorbing and quick-drying shorts from the hemp jam series that use natural hemp cotton weathercloth. With a simple appearance that is easy to match and style, 7 colors such as black and red are available. ¥ 9680