An actual animal pattern with a tie-dye style! The new Tops series of Tigre Brocante is excellent!

3 years ago

From “TIGRE BROCANTE”, who focus on making items that do not follow trends, and are based on the concept of an adult work style that mainly uses denim. This new tie die cow print series has been rapidly increasing in popularity.

MooMoo tie dye regular collar shirt  ¥20900

A unique piece that is based on the popular shirt from Tigre Brocante with a tie dye finish using a traditional dyeing technique.

As the name “Moo-moo” suggests, the shirt, which features a cow pattern, has a presence that just adds a touch of fun and casual accent to your outfit.

MooMoo tie dye crewneck L/S TEE  ¥11000

A long-sleeved T-shirt made using a lightweight thermal fabric perfect for spring with the cow tie dye finish. It’s a perfect piece as the main focus point of a style or as a colorful inner item.

Tie die styles have become very popular in 2020 so we recommend adding one to your collection, but if you have a resistance to tie dyes, why not try a long sleeve T, which is an easier entry point.

MooMoo tie dye raglan V-neck cardigan ¥17600

The V-neck sweater cardigan, which is a convenient addition to any warddrobe, looks fresh with the original cow pattern. This Raglan sleeve cardigan makes you feel happy just by looking at it, and it seems that it will be great to wear from early spring to early summer because it is made from a thin sweatshirt fabric.

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