’47 x Nanga waterproof cap is back with new colors! Basic color addition likely to see heavy rotation.

3 years ago

The third popular collaboration of “’47 (Forty Seven)” and “NANGA”, which is popular with a wide range of people from the outdoors hobbyist to the fashion lover, has been released.

A new spring-like lineup is added to the popular collaboration model based on the “’47 CLEAN UP MF” with a slightly deeper silhouette than the “47 CLEAN UP” iconic model from ’47.

NANGA×’47「47 CLEAN UP MF」 ¥4950

Curved visor and front box logo make it look good on the street.

The fabric used is Nuro’s standard material “Aurolatex”, which uses nylon fabric with a porous polyurethane waterproof coating. This is a waterproof and breathable material that can be used even in the case of sudden rain, and can be worn anywhere from the outdoors to the city.

While following the very popular first collaboration, Coyote Brown and Navy were newly added to the color development. The colors and designs that can be used in the city without hesitation and in heavy rotation!

This item will be on sale from April 24th (Friday) through Nanga, ’47 official online stores, and limited accounts. It’s a popular item, so I recommend getting it before it’s sold out. Also, if you purchase a cap, there is a special benefit that you can get a sticker as a gift.

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