CWF’s new shelf container is revolutionary with new backpack style!  

3 years ago

“CWF” are a popular brand which develops outdoor-friendly functional bags that incorporate innovative ideas.

They have sent out numerous hit products such as heavy-duty gear bags and soft containers with internal arrangements, but also pay close attention to the original container bags that will be released this season. With a storable shoulder strap, it is a compact shelf that you can carry on your back like a backpack.


Masculine color development.


This “shelf container”, which is scheduled to be released from mid to the end of April, is a model developed from CWF’s popular item the “All Weather Container”. The color range is BLACK and OLIVE DRAB, and it has a rugged appearance synonymous with CWF.


Uses a storable shoulder strap.

Equipped with shoulder straps, it is a shelf container that can be carried like a backpack. Moreover, since this strap can be stored neatly inside, it transforms into a slender vertical container when not on the move.


There are endless ways to use the shelf.

The biggest feature is the shelf board. Since the height can be adjusted freely, you can use it as a kitchen rack or digital equipment rack at a tent site, depending on your needs. It’s also OK to use as a PC workbench. The fabric is made of waterproof material and can be used outdoors without any need for worry.

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