New high-tech aloha shirts from Snow Peak. Comfortable in summer with excellent ventilation!

3 years ago

High-tech materials are constantly being developed and research to support the enjoyment of the outdoors in all manner of weather. Among them, the new setup from Snow Peak has really caught our attention.

The design connects the city and the outdoors, and is packed with the unique charm of the brand.

Quick Dry Aloha Shirt(Black)¥19800、Shorts(Black)¥15400

This setup uses “dot air” technology developed by Toure. The feature is that it keeps the inside of clothes comfortable by providing small ventilation holes that are hard to see.

As it is woven into a mesh shape, it is very light, and it has a texture close to that of a natural material that feels good on the skin, making it perfect for everyday and lounge wear. It has a refined and demure impact when styled as a set up.

Olive is also available in addition to black. The shirt has a rough open-collar style and a box silhouette with a square hem. The shorts are easy to wear with a drawstring waist and are fitted with the Baker pocket style found on military pants.

Quick Dry Aloha Shirt(EcruNavy)¥22000、Shorts(EcruNavy)¥19800

In addition, the lineup includes shirts with a total geometric pattern, and striped shorts with an aged dying effect. You can create a more impactful style by incorporating patterns on the top and bottom. Of course, they can also be worn separately.

Although there are a number of functional wardrobes that take fashion into consideration, there are rare setups that give a sense of unity. Snow Peak provide comfortable and fashionable wear to support your outdoor lifestyle this summer.

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