Aloha Rug mature aloha shirts, created by 4 artists, will give you a quick start this summer.

3 years ago

Aloha Rug, are a brand that specialises in Aloha shirts from Tokyo, with the concept of “Neo Tokyo Vintage”. The brand is popular for its aloha shirt, which is created based on a mix of culture, music and art and a new 2020SS release is planned

This season’s theme is “Urban Aloha,” and the shirt is designed using the artwork of four artists (Hiroshi Nagai, AICON, Lee Izumida, and Toyameg). While using a vintage Aloha shirt as a motif, the pop coloring and print balance that reduces the holiday resort feel make it easy to wear as casual street wear.

Theses eye-catching colors and patterns will be seen at outdoor events such as festivals. Look forward to another outdoor event, and try this aloha shirt to feel like summer has finally arrived.

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