The Grn Outdoor large capacity vest has been transformed into a flame retardant mode making it even more perfect for camping.

3 years ago

New clothing and gear full of playfulness and innovative ideas in the “HIASOBI” series, a masterpiece from “grn outdoor”, who is very popular at festivals and camping has appeared!

In addition to the popular vest that has become flame-retardant and with increased specs, they will introduce a lineup that is sure to be a big success in the field and in the city, including T-shirts that are a must for the coming season.

This popular camping vest has become flame retardant and more functional!


The storage capacity and the idea of being a group who really loves playing outside are tightly packed with the brand’s hit work “TEBURA VEST 21” as a design base, and utilizing the original developed flame retardant material “ “HIASOBI BURNING DEFENCE”. 

In addition to the familiar storage capacity, it has become resistant to bonfires and has evolved into an invincible clothing item for camping.

The webbing tape wrapped around the front and back is convenient for attaching pegs and hammers. In addition, small items such as sunglass holders can be stored in the chest slide gas torch pocket.

In addition to having a CB can pocket and a beer can pocket, there is also a large color adjustable pocket with a zipper on the back. Not only does it boast a storage capacity that negates the need of a bag, but it is also an innovative idea that the creators who love camping and alcohol drinks can enjoy easily.


It’s also flame-retardant!?


An unusual full embroidery T-shirt made of USA cotton with a flame-retardant finish. This playful t shirt is great for happy campers that want to enjoy a beer next to the campfire.


The Long T combines functionality in the field with fashion-made products, such as a cuff with a thimble and a chest pocket exclusively for a slide gas torch. Like all their embroidered T-shirts, the material is flame-retardant.

The HIASOBI series has no weak points, with tough materials that can be used in the field, functionality such as storage capacity, and design that can be used daily. Not only is it a great series for camping and festivals, but also for days out in the town and gardening work.

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