mont-bells home-centre style indigo dyed overalls. For D.I.Y. and gardening!

3 years ago

Japanese brand “mont-bell” is well liked by a wide range of fans, from entry users to masters of the outdoors.

This long-established brand that knows all the fields in Japan, have introduced a new type of “Tsunagi” or overall, with a concept that is slightly different from the familiar outdoor genre.

mont-bell「FIELD INDIGO COVER ALL 」¥17380

The body color is finished with indigo dyeing while using functional materials derived from the outdoors with excellent breathability and stretchability. Just like denim pants, you can enjoy aging as you wear them, making them a long term use item. The patch emblems are also interesting.

A rubber belt is attached to the back waistband for a comfortable fit. One back pocket has a name and a logo on the back of the neck. Drawcords around the hem make it easy to pull in and tighten.

Ventilation zips are placed under both sides. Furthermore, the zip on the right side of the armpit opens up to below the knees, which also functions as a leg supplement.

In addition to the large flap pocket with a gusset on the left leg, the storage capacity with all included is 6 pockets.

Its appearance and functionality make it ideal not only for field work such as farming and gardening, but also for camping.

■mont-bell tel:06-6536-5740