CCP’s lightweight tough Tyvek shirt is groundbreaking. A functionally beautiful model with a unique texture.

3 years ago

A shirt made of Tyvek material (a material that is also used for protective clothing!) has been introduced by “CCP”, which is popular for its style that incorporates activities such as cycling and outdoor culture into clothing.

Tyvek shirt ¥12100

It is a Tyvek material that is often seen in the outdoor industry, but it is also famous for being one of the first to use this mysterious material in making clothes for CCP. In addition to being lightweight and water repellent, it is a high-tech material that can be rolled into a bundle and stored in a bag.

Although it is a material suitable for outdoor use, it has an excellent design that can be worn daily in the city. The loose-eyed silhouette is perfect for the current trends when there are days when it gets cold. If you wear it together with a neon-colored T-shirt, the reflector around the neck will shine brightly and you’ll be sure to stand out at campsites and nightspots!

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