Tough specification of Cordura x Polycarbonate. The new CIE bag in an attractive military style.

2 years ago

Based on the keyword “REAL GOODS”, CIE, an up-and-coming bag brand pursuing manufacturing from the user’s perspective, launched a collaboration series with INVISTA’s “Cordura®”. INVISTA’s unique special processing uses a cordura that is durable and waterproof and is being adopted by many bags!

CIE’s completely custom-made polycarbonate fabric is an original material that is lightweight, abrasion-resistant, waterproof, and has no weak spots.

Two colors are available. The subdued ink black and the sage green, which is the image of a European military uniform, combined with its practical functions to create an urban look.

2WAY BACKPACK-01  ¥27500

This is a daily-use backpack with a PC sleeve and smartphone pocket. It has a sturdy, reliable look that seems to be useful not only for town use but also for business. With a handle on the side, it can also be used as a tote bag.

ATTACHMENT-03  ¥7150

The attachment shown can be docked in the backpack can fit a 500ml PET bottle, and can also be used separately. It definitely looks like it will be useful around cities and festivals this summer.

BACKPACK-01 ¥20900

This backpack is fully equipped with key hooks, PC sleeves, and partition pockets. Despite the military-oriented coloring, the small number of outer pockets and the unobtrusive cross tape on the front give it an subdued and subtle image.

SHOULDER-02  ¥14300

Depending on the occasion, you can use the shoulder strap adjusted to a size that seems to be convenient for everyday use. It’s also a great feature for balancing your styling.

ATTACHMENT-01  ¥7700

This Sarcoche, which is often used for outdoor work and festivals, is very useful for its high level of waterproofing. The fastener is water repellent and is lightweight and easier to open and close because it is a waterproof fastener.

The grid series that combines functionality, practicality and high spec design will be released in June. I would like to get my hands on one of the pieces from this special line up at least once.

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