The latest collaboration between Helly Hansen and BEAMS is full of fashionable fishing items!

3 years ago

A new bespoke collection from Helly Hansen who specialize in waterproof clothing with the sub brand Helly Hansen Angler is now available at BEAMS. The 4 items have the looks and functionality to fit into a number of scenes and will be easy to co-ordinate as a set up or as single pieces.


Angler’s well liked design & functionality are blended with the city.

Angler Vest     ¥18700

The trendy Angler Vest is equipped with a total of four large pockets on the front and back. Pockets with drawcords on both sides can hold bottles. It has storage capacity without the need for a bag. The purple details and the reflector lines are exquisitely accentuated.

Angler Shorts     ¥8800

The Angler Shorts are deep and have a main pocket with a gusset, 6 storage pockets are arranged, and you can rely on it from daily activities to fishing. Beams’ bespoke line up makes it easy to use not only for practical use but also for fashion, due to its urban-like oversized silhouette.

Angler Hat     ¥6050

The Angler Hat is a completely original model. The front is low and the back is high, making it a natural diagonal wearing style. Mesh lining and eyelets to prevent stuffiness, side sailing cap style sunglasses holders are also key points.

Bass Tee     ¥6600

The Bass Tee is designed with consideration for its affinity with the other items, and it is nice to have a big silhouette and excellent quick drying. The HH logo has been implemented on all the items with the orange of BEAMS. While this is collection is full of technical details and functionality it still has an urban image, so you can add it to your wardrobe without being an angler.

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