The energetic new G-SHOCK. ’90s Multi-colored with outdoor flavor, for the perfect summer mood.

3 years ago

The functional male watch “G-SHOCK” has become an indispensable existence when crossing over the outdoors and fashion.

Not only is it durable and functional as a watch, but it is also a hot item that colors the fashion scene. A new color perfect for summer play wearing a vivid color reminiscent of 90’s outdoor wear appears!

DW-5900 ¥12100

The “5900” model can be said to be the originator of the popular “third” “6900”, which is a classic work of G-Shock. The neon-like vivid coloring that colors summer nights and the sophisticated looks of the first machine combine to create a retro, tropical and outdoor-like design.

DW-5610 ¥14300

“5610” model from the standard “5600” series, which is the standard “square face”. With a new structure that doubles the bezel cover part that was a single color molding, it is finished in a variety of multi colors different than before. It is an excellent piece with a strong presence that can be incorporated as an accessory to accent summer styling that tends to be monotonous.

DW-5600 ¥12100

And finally, the “5600” model, which can be said to be the origin of the G shock. Contrary to the conventional solid image, they adopted a case band based on white, and the face has a psychedelic pattern that looks like fireworks in a geometric style. An exquisite balance of refreshing white and the popular 70’s design.

This new collection is an energetic multi-colored version of the G-Shock masterpiece, perfect for camping and festivals. Even in the summer when it’s easy to get lazy, with a bright watch like this, going out can be fun!

Speaking of G-Shock, the new popular skeleton color is also a great find! If you’re looking for a summer watch, don’t miss this too.

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