Semi-permanent water repellence. Prepare for the rainy season with the urban rain poncho from Arc Phoenix.

3 years ago

With the concept of “functional clothes for walking”, “alk phenix” proposes clothing that has all the necessary functions for urban life. From this brand, which features edgy looks and a functional design, items using super water-repellent materials will be released this season.

gelande poncho ¥46200

An oversized poncho designed with the idea of a ski poncho. The materials used are the key point to pay attention to.

The super water-repellent material “EPIC” is made using a unique manufacturing method in which each fiber is wrapped in a waterproof polymer, making it a semi-permanent quick-drying and water-repellent material. It is the most suitable material for rainwear, especially due to its overwhelming durability that does not deteriorate even after being washed 100 times.

In rainy weather, if you use the adjuster on the back to expand the silhouette, you can wear it over your backpack. It is a detail that will definitely come in handy especially when the weather suddenly changes.

With light snap buttons and pockets that allow direct access to pants pockets, it’s no wonder that it also has daily-use functions as a light outer that can be put on quickly and easily.

This is a unique piece of rainwear from Alk Phenix, which has a solid and sophisticated atmosphere. It is just as at home for wearing about the city for daily use as well as a functionally excellent outwear for your next outdoors excursion.

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