It is water repellent and has excellent mobility! Daiwa’s water-repellent coach jacket can be counted on during rainy season!

3 years ago

A coach jacket is a staple item on the street and something that has been a classic item for many since the black and white ages. Daiwa who are known as a leader in the outdoors fishing scene add their flair to this coach jacket this season.

Daiwa’s coach jacket, which has been attracting attention in the fashion scene in recent years, has a lot of functions and is a reliable item even during the rainy season.

DJ-35020  ¥12100

The body has water repellency, while adopting “SOLOTEX®︎” which is stretchy and hard to lose its shape. Because it has a natural texture, it is easy to use everyday, and the simple appearance with the logo stitched on the chest is another key point.

In addition to black, it comes in an avocado color with a soothing tone. The box fit has a wide shape, and the silhouette can be adjusted with the rubber spindles on the left and right hem.

Large pockets are located on the left and right sides, featuring a two-layer structure with mesh inside pockets. It is also attractive that small items can be organized smartly, such as storing a coin case and card case separately.


Of course, this functionally excellent waterproof jacket will also be useful during the coming rainy season. Daiwa’s coach jacket, which incorporates the functional beauty cultivated in the field of fishing into daily clothes, is just at home in the great outdoors or the city

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