Pack T that can be layered. A high-quality set using excellent materials for adults.

3 years ago

“Blurhms ROOTSTOCK” is the standard line from the domestic brand blurhms that creates high quality products based on the concept of “Long Life Product”.

And “BLOOM&BRANCH” is a shop in Aoyama where you can choose from not only domestic and foreign fashion items but also items that you might want to leave for the next generation, such as the artist’s pieces and crafts.

A bespoke item will be released where both parties, who propose stylish and innovative ideas, have teamed up.

Layered 2 Pack Tee ¥16500

For the first time with this collaboration, this “Pack T that proposes a layered style” includes two T-shirts with different dimensions as a set is introduced.

The set includes a short sleeve and half sleeve T with different sleeve lengths made of the same color, with the width of the half sleeves worn underneath reduced by 1 cm, while the short sleeve neck that fits the top is slightly widened. A gem that is particular about the balance when layered.

Of course, each can be worn individually. With a simple box-type loose fit, it seems to give an elegant and relaxed impression even if you combine it with one piece in the summer.

The fabric uses ultra-long cotton developed exclusively for this pack T. It is characterized by its smooth texture and calm luster, and it goes well with a loose silhouette. It creates a relaxed and mature style.

In addition, the package design uses the Haynes 60s model, the originator of the Pack T, as a motif. Beyond just the silhouette and the fabric, the bespoke finish with attention to detail is a masterpiece.

This new-style pack T, created in collaboration with a brand that creates products that can be used for a long time and a shop with the same values, is on sale at the BLOOM&BRANCH official website.