The first collaboration between Nexus Seven and G-Shock. Small military details in this attractive timepiece.

3 years ago

Japanese domestic brand “NEXUS VII.”, has a good reputation for making products, with military and American vintage aesthetics.

And, the first collaboration with “G-SHOCK”, which is familiar as a pioneer of functional watches, has been realized!

A special G-Shock that incorporates the military taste that Nexus Seven is good at is released as a model limited to URBAN RESEARCH.


For this collaboration, based on the G-SHOCK masterpiece “5600” model, the body color is military olive with a matte texture.

According to the regulation that all commercial logos are prohibited on the battlefield is all logos have been removed, and only various buttons are finished with the font specified by Nexus Seven, which makes the approach unique to the brand stand out.

The dial is equipped with a guard protector, and the backlight uses red reflective liquid crystal that is easy to see even at night. Not to mention the high durability and functionality that are likely to reach MIL-SPEC.

On the case back, the Nexus Seven brand code is firmly engraved in the center. Along with the usual markings and details that will appeal to fans of this collaboration.

Even the external packaging stays true to the specification of a government sponsored product with a minimalistic aesthetic that is true to the source image.

This tough watch with a unique concept and approach that gives a true sense of being a military product, with versatility in any scene, style, town, mountain, sea, no doubt this summer it will be a key item!