The new Cal O Line set-up made with the cool material Ripple is excellent!

3 years ago

The new season is just around the corner. In order to have a comfortable summer, I want to choose products that use refreshing materials. Following the classic linen mould, the material called “ripple” has recently attracted attention.

Introducing the “CAL O LINE” setup, which is an original deisgn using this new innovative material.


An era-making setup designed to be worn more coolly by reducing the area that touches the skin with random irregularities in the shape.

The jacket is thin and can be worn like a shirt and the pants have a relaxed tapered silhouette. In particular, the bottom has an easy waist, so it seems to be useful as home wear where you can spend your time in comfort.

A lineup of two colors, black and beige are available. The jacket can be coordinated like a coverall by fastening the buttons to the top.

In addition, a colorful patterned type (jacket ¥29150, pants ¥21450) is available, which is inspired by summer nights.

Despite the clean design unique to the setup, this can be worn roughly in a relaxed atmosphere with a refreshing feel. After long periods of being cooped up at home, I would like to spend the summer comfortably and fashionably wearing these jackets and pants.

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