Unique denim bottoms released by the long-established hemp wear company “GOHEMP”.

3 years ago

While focusing on the authentic American casual style, they also focus on the possibility of hemp as a material for apparel.

From Japan’s hemp brand pioneer “GOHEMP”, which has continued to incorporate its usefulness and message into various products, a new item using classic hemp denim has appeared.

New classic denim with a different taste by a long-established hemp brand.

An immensely popular work with vendor pockets, complete with a modern silhouette and length. The waist belt ribs and drawstring are also important points. ¥ 16280

The bottoms have a lineup of 3 types, and each is developed in 2 color variations, including a used wash in addition to the used wash shown in the photo.

The denim weight is 12 ounces, and I am happy that I can wear it basically all year round.

The military-like overall is easy to put on and take off with a zipper under the button. ¥ 19580

A 9-minute length model with a moderate tapered silhouette. It features a triple-layered pocket design. ¥ 16280

Furthermore, a key point is that they are equipped with various pockets that are indispensable for outdoor activities. It is a gem that can be used as a staple item for outdoor activities.

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