Gregory with a handwritten logo!? Nagaba Yu World full of pure white bags.

3 years ago

The founder of the modern backpack, “GREGORY” is a well-established bag brand that is loved widely from mountains to towns. With their basic items as the canvas, the latest 7th series has appeared in a collaboration series featuring artworks from various artists.

There are two types of backpacks, the timeless masterpiece daypack and the fine day that is developed as a small size. Left ¥12100, right ¥24200

Our partner this time is “Nagaba Yu”, who is active in a variety of fields both in Japan and overseas, from corporate advertisements to bindings, apparel graphics, and character designs, with simple and refined line drawings.

Familiar current Gregory logo has been drawn down by Yu Nagaba. While giving a casual approach, it gives off a presence as the face of a bag.

Featuring original textiles on the back panel side inside the main compartment while making the front simple. The artwork is reminiscent of summer and looks like a clean white collar.

As you can see inside the front pocket.

Not only the body, but also the shoulder straps, belts at various places, and zips are all white as part of this pure white series. The brand tags on the front panel are all drawn down by Yu Nagaba.

The shoulder bag is available in large and small standard quick pockets. Left ¥6600, right ¥7700

The waist bag is also available in two different sizes, the familiar tail mate. Top ¥11000, Bottom ¥7150

The legendary Gregory redesigned as an art piece on an all-white pure white base needs attention!! Both are scheduled to be released at the end of July. Check the Gregory official website as it may change. Limited release at Gregory Store, BEAMS stores nationwide (excluding some stores), and BEAMS official online shop!

■GREGORY tel:0800-12-36910