The highest-class pack T by Snow Peak x Inouye Brothers is born. 100% organic.

3 years ago

Sustainable top-of-the-line pack T with organic pima cotton.

From the the leading outdoor brand from Japan, “Snow Peak”, they show the way in camp style for the new era with a fusion of innovative functionality and sophisticated design. The creativity is not limited to gear, and daily wear derived from the outdoors has attracted high attention from the fashion industry.

In collaboration with “The Inoue Brothers,” Snow Peak released a high-quality and sustainable pack T-shirt that uses 100% naturally grown organic pima cotton from Peru, South America.

THE INOUE BROTHERS Pack T-Shirt ¥14080

Pack T using 100% organic Peruvian finest pima cotton that does not use pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The beautiful luster, outstanding texture, and excellent durability are undeniable once you feel it on your skin. It comes enclosed in a special bag made of recycled non-woven fabric designed by Japan Environmental Design.

Clean white is also developed as a color variation. The body has received the GOTS certification, which is the strictest international standard of organic fiber in the world, and the packaging embodies genuine sustainability.

This is the highest-class pack T with an innovative idea that overturns the common sense of the pack T with a strong sustainable image. Enjoy not only the feeling of wearing it, but also the superb quality from the production environment, packaging, labeling and distribution.

■Snow Peak  tel:0120-010-660