Cult-popular “Punk Drunkers” and their seven latest items.

3 years ago

“PUNK DRUNKERS” is too edgy but is a source of pride for Japan worldwide. A brand with a strong character “Aitsu”. The unique design and eccentric collaborative work has attracted attention not only from Asia but also from art-sensitive San Francisco.

Here, we will take a look at this cutting edge brand and some of their latest items.

The one and only item created by the idea of apparel as an art peace.

Inside the Punk Drunkers office in Sendagaya. The brand’s signature character, “Aitsu”, apparel and dolls that were designed to look serious and serious, and an unusual collection of “masters” welcomed me.

“Punk Drunkers” boasts cult popularity both in Japan and overseas, with collaborations that distinguish it from other apparel brands such as Kinnikuman, umaibou, Kamen Rider, and Takasu Clinic.

Many people may have witnessed the brand’s signature character, “Aitsu”, on the street somewhere.

Many original figures have been released so far.

This 22-year-old brand has a distinctive personality, and it started when Satomi Satomi, the boss of the company, she sold his own tattooed sumo wrestling T-shirt at Design Festa at the time.

From that exhibition he found his first dealer, and the number of local business partners has gradually increased since. At the same time, he says that opportunities for collaborations also increased.

The “master” of Sofbimania, which is acknowledged by everyone, including myself.

“About three years after the establishment, I was able to make an offer to Kinnikuman and make a collaboration T-shirt. Kinnikuman has liked Ashuraman almost perfectly since he was in elementary school… (laughs) ”

“From there, I also connected with the Hanshin Tigers through my teacher. I may or may not ask for a collaboration offer. However, in any case, a nationally famous icon 〝Aitsu〞 It is often done by the other person… (laughs).”

“I think a few collaborations have helped to get more attention for the brand, but maybe I had a big encounter with the Hokkaido figure maker, Zolmen, whom my friend in San Francisco introduced me to.”

Zolmen figure corner. There are several times as many in his home as there in the office.

In addition to being an artist, the master also has the face of a figure collector. With the release of this collaboration figure with Zolmen, he has entered the world of toys.

As with apparel, he worked on various collaboration dolls as well as originals, and now many of the figures released by Punk Drunkers are traded at surprisingly high prices.

Art skills are first-class so offers are coming in from many different companies to collaborate.

“Punk Dunkers may not be as conscious of detail as general apparel brands. Of course, they we have a sense of playfulness as an apparel, such as a jacket with a sweets holder.

“Apparel is two-dimensional, toys are three-dimensional. I put on parentheses, but what I always keep in mind when making products is UNCOOL IS COOL! (Laughs).”


The latest lineup from PUNK DRUNKERS.

In addition to original art that is part of the Gili Safe!? Collection, unique items such as individual talent, sexy magazines, and collaboration with mysterious apparel brands are also available this season. At first glance, you shouldn’t be deceived, and the strength of the brands message is in every detail. Pick up items that can become popular just by wearing them!

1.Nylondon Shorts

These nylon shorts have NY on the right thigh and Lon for London on the left thigh. Both are read as nylon. ¥ 12980

2. [PDS x KUDAN] PUNKUDAN type clear belt

Collaboration belt with the mysterious topical apparel brand KUDAN. KUDAN designers’ dot-graphic graphics are reminiscent of old video games. Other than yellow in the photo, there is also clear. ¥ 5060


3. [PDS x Kukki! ] Misty TEE


Collaboration with Wild Bomb Kukki! A gem that will definitely sell out with the popular character, Misty, finally on a T-shirt. A stunning crossover between to different worlds. ¥ 5280


4. Handy fans just like real wind.

Handy fans are becoming essential summer items. 3 levels of strength switching and rhythm driving are also possible. A must-have item for people who want to feel the wind in their face on a hot summer day. Size: 21 x 10.5 x 3.8 cm. Working hours: 3 to 15 hours. ¥ 3850


5. [PDS x KUDAN] PUNKUDAN style full pattern bare shirt

In 2017, he collaborated with KUDAN, a mysterious apparel brand that suddenly appeared on SNS that feels neo-Japanese. This is a summer item with a pattern print of a bear playing with the character “Aitsu”. ¥ 14740


6. [PDS x Kukki! ] Tooth Pocket Long TEE


A collaboration with Wild Bomb Kukki! There are teeth stuck in the O part of COOKIE, and the sleeve is printed with cookie drunkers in finger letters. The back also features the faces of both parties. ¥ 6380


7. Small pocket shorts

Camouflage shorts with a small side pocket, which the brand sings when the face of a finger puppet pops out. The back print says “WARNING!! This shorts pocket is very small.” ¥ 13200

Photo/Shota Kikuchi Text/Naoto Matsumura

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