Citizen’s masterpiece diver’s watch, the ProMaster with vivid color that shines in the summer!

2 years ago

PROMASTER is one of the most famous sports watches, which is a proud creation of CITIZEN, a Japanese watchmaker. It has been a best seller since 1989 and has supported various professionals on land, sea or air.

This season, vivid colors that shine in the summer have been introduced, and they are attracting more and more attention.

A full-scale model equipped with eco-drive for 200m waterproofing.

BN0156-13W     ¥40700

Green and red color variations that are often seen in real diving models equipped with waterproofing for 200 m diving. It looks sporty and also looks good for daily styling.

Even the visibility and toughness maintain the level suitable for the Promaster series. Thanks to the eco-drive and photovoltaic power generation, periodic battery replacement is not necessary.

BN0156-13Z     ¥40700

It also has reasonable price that is not out of reach even though it is one that combines specifications and design. It can be used not only for everyday use, but also for water activity. You should check it as a watch that you can get like an accessory during the light clothing season

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