A new summer collection from And Wonder. A collaborative work using artistic color that appeals to environmental issues.

3 years ago

With its clever reflectors and modern design, And Wander has announced a collaboration with Jewelery artist Saei Honda who currently resides in The Netherlands.

The collection has a unique pattern created from discarded plastics, giving it a fresh and new aesthetic.

A fusion of works and functions by a Japanese jeweler, which are appreciated around the world.

stone printed rip coat     ¥99000

The coat, which features a visor-like hood, is made of recycled plastic bottle material. Reflector stitching is used to ensure night visibility. The original pattern, which is now common to all collaborations, is that of an artificial stone made from abandoned plastic.

stone print dry tights     ¥20900

The tights that have SPF50+ UV protection as well as excellent water absorption and quick drying also have a pattern designed by Saei Honda. The body is made from recycled fiber polyester that is light and comfortable, and incorporates deodorant stitches to reduce the smell of sweat.

stone printed rip hat     ¥16500

Like the coat, they have also released a hat that uses reflector stitch on recycled plastic bottle material. It has a non-greasy mesh lining that you can wear all year round, and the back has an adjuster so you can adjust it to your preferred fit.

In addition, the lineup includes jackets, pants, and T-shirts. It is an irresistible collaboration for outdoor enthusiasts who pursues not only the functional aspects but also to support the global environment, and there is no doubt that it will be a hot topic.

We are looking forward to the official launch in July.

■and wander tel:03-5787-3460 https://www.andwander.com/