Hoka One One’s stylish new collection is charming with the color scheme of ancient Japan.

3 years ago


The running shoes brand HOKA ONE ONE, which has become well-established as a fashion icon, has unveiled their new collection “TK PACK” that expresses running culture using colors from Japan.

This new line has a distinctive image with coloring that reflects the colors of ancient Japan, such as white labeled “TOFU”, blue that expresses indigo, and gold that resembles Kintsugi.

A rich selection of shoes with an attractive soft color scheme.


Like the current model CARBON X, the sole has a built-in carbon fiber plate with excellent resilience and cushioning. The new collection has adopted a soft blue color scheme so it doesn’t seem to sporty, and should be great for daily use.


The functionality of the Clifton, which is an iconic model of Hoka One One’s running shoes, has been upgraded. The latest model features smoother driving comfort and lighter weight than ever before, and has red shoe laces and a gold brand logo and design. It seems like it would style well with a simple denim and t shirt outfit.


Next are recovery sandals that heal your feet after running and training, which are already becoming must-have items for runners. The slide type, which is excellent for summer street wear and camping, is also white and blue which seems very on trend.


Don’t miss the rare clothing line from Hoka One One.


They have also introduced a half-zip jacket that uses a polyester silent ripstop material that suppresses the squeaking noise when running, and is also light and comfortable to wear. It adopts a lightweight shell, which prevents the body temperature from dropping due to wind but also does not get too hot, and seems to be useful in various weather situations.


5 inch length shorts made of stretch material for sharp movements during running and training will also be available. The exquisite soft blue color makes it look comfortable even if you come to a convenience store after exercising and can be worn out and about town.

Other items such as the lighter Clifton 7 and dry T-shirts and caps that can be put together for full body styling are also available. It will be on sale from August 3, so don’t miss the official online store.

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