Oakley has released a new collection with original graphics by artist Yamaguchi.

3 years ago

Megabrand Oakley has eyewear for a variety of activities such as cycling, fishing, hiking and snow sports. The new collection designed by Japanese artist Satoshi Yamaguchi has been announced and sure to draw a lot of attention.

Providing support in the fight against Corona Virus with Japanese ‘Heart’


The “KOKORO COLLECTION,” which is derived from the Japanese word for “heart”, aims to evoke the sense of unity and solidarity of all athletes, regardless of being professional or amateur.

At the same time as the announcement, the donation to the “New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases Solidarity Fund for WHO (World Health Organization)” was also talked about.


Designer Mr. Satoshi Yamaguchi is based in New York. He is an artist whose strong and abstract works using a unique technique called cut and paste are highly revered.

The Kokoro Collection is created by using a special machine created to reproduce his original art.

FLAK 2.0 XL ¥29920

The lineup consists of 12 models all with innovative graphics that express thuman talent and compassionate beauty. Covering a wide range of genres from sports to lifestyle, there are many gems that are sure to catch the attention of outdoor lovers and sportsman alike. We advise to quickly check the official Oakley website and find your favorite.

■Luxottica Japan Co., Ltd.   tel:0120-009-146     https://www.oakley.com/ja-jp/collections/kokoro-collection-feat-meguru