DAIWA PIER39 latest look has arrived. A lot of urban face wear with fishing specs.

3 years ago

This is the new apparel line “DAIWA PIER39”, which debuted this year from DAIWA, which continues to lead the Japanese fishing scene. It’s also new to me that items that have sophisticated design and functions related to fishing in the urban outdoor style have been talked about.

The latest LOOK BOOK has been released from Daiwa Pier 39.

In this season’s collection, we would like to pay attention to items with plenty of current trends such as loose silhouettes and subtracted designs.

Still, the lineup of real clothes that express the ideas experienced and cultivated in the fishing scene transfer seamlessly into daily town life as well.

Lightweight, breathable and water resistant GORE-TEX INFINIUMTM adopted outdoor-like down items have a sleek design that makes you want to wear them during winter city living.

Don’t miss items such as field jackets and mods coats that bring out a military style. It also has field-specific specifications such as multi-functional pocket storage capacity and a water repellent finish.

This collection of looks that can be directly transformed into the city from fishing and outdoor scenes clearly shows the concept of “a bridge that seamlessly connects nature and the city”.

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