The latest collection from Alk Phenix. Full of functional urban clothes such as super lightweight down and large capacity clothing.

2 years ago

Focusing on “walking”, the latest look has arrived from Alk Phenix, which proposes an urban outdoor style with high-tech materials.

With a full lineup of gadget-like products that pursue convenience and comfort, they continue to have their own unique charm.

An urban taste that combines high-performance materials and irresistible design.

The main item for the fall/winter 2020 collection is an ultralight down jacket that weighs the same as about a one 555ml plastic bottle. The mil-spec water repellent material EPIC® is used for the outer material, and the water repellent down DRYSPHERE® DOWN is used for the batting, overcoming the drawbacks of down, which is weak against dampness.

In addition, a line of original items such as a jacket with excellent storage capacity inspired by shop awnings, docking wear that corresponds to various environments with a pairing system, and down vest with sakosh that can be used separately, are all part of the planned line up.

A hot collection that combines the latest technology and unique visuals produced by one of Japan’s leading outdoor brands.

If you want to add some of these new masterpieces to your wardrobe for the coming Autumn/Winter season then we recommend you to check it out early.

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