Traditional Japanese clothes made of high-tech materials. Introducing a new series with new features fom New Balance and their functional wear.

3 years ago

NEW BALANCE, which has made a name for itself worldwide with their sneakers, is a brand you can’t take your eyes off and are combining with new partners to create an apparel line, such as pants maker “WAIST TO TOE” and “INCOMPLETE” which only specializes in tops only.

The “Modern Classic Collection” series, which is a modern expression of traditional Japanese clothing with high-spec materials, has been launched.

In addition to the traditional design, the dark blue background like indigo and the stripe pattern add to the classic image.

Modern update of traditional Japanese clothing.

HAPPI ¥23100

The traditional Japanese summer item Happi is boldly adopted as the design base. Since it is water repellent, it’s a warm new piece that can handle bad weather.

Gold drawcords and brand logo embroidery are finishet to create an elegant yet street like atmosphere.


In addition, the Jinbei, which can be said to be ancient casual wear, is also available. It is a lightweight and highly breathable material, so it is recommended for heavy use throughout summer.

Of course, I would like you to try out a stylish style with some new balance sneakers.

The same pattern is also available in popular collections.

Items with the same pattern as those of the collection now appear in the “WAIST TO TOE” pants collection, which allows you to bring out the best of New Balance sneakers, and the “INCOMPLETE” series, which you can wear all together as a set.

The items are also well designed for daily wear use, such as using water-repellent finish and stretch material.

JACKET ¥26400

The dark blue x striped cool 2 button jacket is made of a fabric that does not easily wrinkle. It looks like it can widen the range of styling regardless of whether your wear it or carry on your shoulder.

In addition, the Incomplete series of the same color and same material as the current collection also has a lineup of skinny, straight, slim tapered, wide tapered, and wide models.

It is on sale now at the New Balance official online store and at each of thier directly managed stores.

■NEW BALANCE JAPAN tel:0120-85-0997