A summer-savvy outdoor jacket equipped with an on-site prepared air conditioning system.

3 years ago

The long rainy season has ended in some regions, and finally the long-awaited summer has arrived, but as you know, various events have been canceled, so even when attending outdoor events people want to enjoy themselves while being aware of social distancing.

However, it is the intense heat that stands out. So this summer, I would like you to try these two items, which are the some of the best items for the intense heat, with a wearable air conditioning system incorporated into a modern shell jacket.

We take a look at two items from “Meanswhile” and “NOYKU” that combines function and fashion each from their own perspectives.

Check out the serious air conditioning functionality that is also used in on-site work in hot weather!

[Means while] 2-way model with circulation vest and fan cover.

A unique 2-way design with a vest equipped with an air circulation system and a fan cover with layered sleeves. This is an excellent product that is both waterproof and breathable thanks to the original 3 layer material. ¥ 88000

Adjustable hem length on the back of the fan cover with sleeves on the front side. The circulator is achieved when it is lifted up.

Best if you remove the fan cover with fasteners. Also features a webbing tape around the neck.

The battery is stored in the inner pocket. The name of KUCHOFUKU, a leading company in air-conditioning based clothing, is proof of the high quality you can trust.


[NOYKU] A hybrid jacket with a fan mounted on a mountain parka.

An 1st class hybrid jacket with a cooling fan while still following the style of a classic mountain parka. Bentile is used for the body material, and the functionality as a jacket is also excellent. ¥ 60500

The circulatory system of HOOH, a serious manufacturer that proposes work clothes for craftsmen who sweat every day in harsh environments, is used to ensure robustness and functionality.

Authentic back style with the mechanical system creates a unique contrast.

They also have a lineup of vest types that can be cut lighter than jackets.

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Photo/Shouta Kikuchi Text/Satoshi Yamamoto