Flexibility meets water repellency ……. Innovative Meanswhile tops made with high-performance suede.

3 years ago

“Meanwhile” is a brand that attracts highly attuned outdoor fashion freaks with items that add innovative ideas to daily use designs.

The 2020FW collection also has a wide range of innovative clothing, but what I would like to pay attention to is the creation of the 3 types of new tops, which features superb functionality to high quality suede.

Three functional tops made with high-tech suede.


Three products that have excellent stretchability and water repellency and adopt “functional suede” that is perfect for outdoor use.

This pullover with seam pockets on both sides has a switchable design with ribs on the sleeves and hem, which at first glance may seem like a normal sweater, but it’s Meanswhile. There is also more functional details on the back.

A quick release zipper is placed on the back, making it a haori-like design that can be put on and taken off while carrying a sacoche or body bag.

This is especially useful at the turn of the seasons when it is difficult to find a constant comfortable temperature.


On the other hand, this is a turtleneck with a set-in front sleeve and a split design with a raglan back sleeve to ensure a range of motion. Combined with the elasticity of suede, it is easy to move in while wearing.

In addition, the main seams are a unique design that can not be overlooked.

Since thumb holes are arranged on the sleeves, it seems to be useful even when riding a bicycle and during winter.

With a high neck and different lengths on the front and back, it’s a design that makes even one piece look good, but of course it’s also a mid layer! Being able to use it for 3 seasons is a nice way to choose autumn / winter styling.


In addition, a mock neck type is also available, with split specifications similar to the turtleneck. The seams are flat seams with less friction for less stress of movement.

All are available in three colors: brown, light brown, and gray. All of them are unique items with functional details and innovative designs that are great for wearing outdoors. If you want to change your autumn / winter styling then these great items full of useful functions will be your perfect answer.

■meanswhile http://meanswhile.net