Shirts and vests freely combined!? High-tech wear with a new concept from Alk Phenix.

3 years ago

Alk Phenix are a technical apparel brand from Japan, which combines the latest technology with high design. The other day, GO OUT WEB just announced the latest collection, but this time we will pick up the most notable items!

This docking type wear skillfully combines functional materials, which will be released in late August and seems to be a good fit for many different scenes.

You can freely combine high-tech materials and update your look according to the scene.

convex liner shirt+convex vest/(cubetex x POLARTEC® α)+(POLARTEC® HIGH LOFT)¥47300

dome jacket short(Breathatec®)¥53900

The liner shirt is made from Polartec’s breathable synthetic cotton alpha and has a zipper on the front. A high loft fleece vest with excellent ventilation and heat retention and a 3-layer shell jacket using the waterproof and breathable material Blizatec can be connected according to the environment.

You can dock the fleece vest or 3-layer shell on a lightweight, stuffy shirt. By pairing the wear, you can adapt according to the environment.

Of course, you can wear the shirt, vest, and shell separately. You can use pairing or single individually so that they are layered according to the temperature and weather.

Not only the unique system but also the urban looks are a must-see. The items can be used in a wide range of scenes from town to outdoor so that versatility is also a bonus

■phenix tel:03-6833-3430