The latest series from Arc’teryx x BEAMS. Featuring the huge old logo on the jet black body!

3 years ago

A collaboration collection from the prestigious outdoor brand ARC’TERYX from Canada and the major select shop BEAMS will be released this winter. With a casual accent on the classic masterpieces, it is definitely poised to be a hit.

Utilizing BEAMS corporate colors to add spice.

ARC ‘TERYX×BEAMS/ Zeta SL      ¥50600

The masterpiece mountain parka has been updated for this collaboration with the symbol on the sleeve as large as possible and changed to Beams signature colors. The BEAMS logo on the right arm, and the regular logo on the left chest are daringly arranged with black embroidery that fits the base, and are summarized in a sharp design.


The arrow of the masterpiece backpack also has the Arc’teryx mark on the front in orange. The details unique to the collaboration, such as the embroidered word logo that is not currently used and the embossed BEAMS logo that is on the back pad, are eye catching.

ARC ‘TERYX×BEAMS/ Atom AR Hoodie     ¥41800

The all-round atom all-round hoodie, which can be used as an outer or mid-layer depending on the situation, has the symbol on the left chest and the BEAMS logo on the left cuffs embroidered in the same color as the body. The Arcteryx bird is printed in orange on the right sleeve for a black-based accent.


Mantis 2, a waist bag that is compact yet has sufficient storage capacity and is easy to match, has also been released in Beams colors.

These bespoke products will be released sequentially from October to November, and reservations are currently being accepted at the BEAMS official online shop. Make sure to check it out quickly so you don’t miss out!